WKSF as an legal international federation follows the guidelines of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new regulation (28th may 2018) can be read in the follow link (image).

Personal Data:


WKSF do not need any personal data as ID Card, Fiscal Number, Phone Number, Address or Email of any member. WKSF only use Name, Nationality and Weigh Category to identify the athlete and only need to check the ID Card / Passport on  weigh in day registration to confirm the athlete identification. WKSF doesn´t keep this data for archiving!

What WKSF publish?

WKSF as a sportive organization, needs to write competitions protocols and announce results on paper and on WKSF Website. These data are necessary to confirm with international organizations the veracity of all competitions, as with WADA, national federations, competitors and all WKSF partners that recognize WKSF to promote the Kettlebell Sport.

Representative and References Data:

WKSF needs some data to recognize as official Representative and/or Reference, such as:

- Name of organization or individual person

- Fiscal Number

- Address

- Contact (phone, email)

All data are confirmed by WKSF and only Name and Contacts are published on WKSF website as Representatives/References of national countries.

Note 1:

All other data shared between athletes and their Representatives/References aren´t WKSF responsibility.

Note 2:

To compete in WKSF events or became a Representative/Reference needs to accept and concept all WKSF policy.

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