The Kettlebell Sport is a way to lift a weight(s) during a short, medium or long period of time without stopping. The winner is the athlete with best performance (doing more valid repetition).


Inside Kettlebell Sport exist several disciplines to lift a kettlebell and also several categories for athletes.


Classic Discipline - 10 minutes long competition with several disciplines as Long Cycle, Biathlon and Snatch.

The athlete must lift the weight/weights without putting them down during 10 minutes. The winner is the one who can do more repetitions in the 10 minutes. The sport includes 2 disciplines: Biathlon and Long Cycle. For each athlete, the Judge  validate the repetition so that, at the end, the winner in each body weight and level category can be found.


Was in 1948 the first competition with a Kettlebell and very different from nowadays. The first competition was win by a sealer man from Black Sea called Protopopov, with no time competition and with goal of lift overhead the Kettlebell as many time as possible, the competition was winner with a score of 1002 repetitions. In Russia and in 1962, happened a new format of competition (triathlon) and the new Era of Kettlebell Sport. Until our days, the sport has been changed and with development of new athletes, countries, clubs, associations and federations the WKSF is following the guidelines of health care for the athletes and the necessary of promote the Kettlebell Sport, from All to All.


The Classic Discipline has been changing and more disciplines have been included. If Females only do Snatch discipline from beginning of Century, rules have been changing and were included disciplines as One Arm Long Cycle, also Two Arms Long Cycle and Kettlebell weight have been increased. WKSF included on World´s 2019 for Females the discipline TALC 2x24kg as Absolute Body weight category. On Males, also at World´s 2019 and by approval on 2nd General meeting 2018, was approved the Only Snatch discipline (by body weight categories).

WKSF is leading the "revolution" of Kettlebell Sport and with all Direction Board, Executive Committee, Representatives, Coaches and Athletes is listening and working together to bring the best regulations and we that make a good standard regulations for future.

Half Marathon Discipline - 30 minutes long competition with several disciplines as One Arm Long Cycle, One Arm Jerk and Snatch (change arm on multi switch mode).

Marathon Discipline - 60 minutes long competition with several disciplines as One Arm Long Cycle, One Arm Jerk and Snatch (change arm on multi switch mode).

Ultra Marathon - 3 hours long competition with several disciplines as One Arm Long Cycle, One Arm Jerk and Snatch (change arm on multi switch mode).

New Disciplines - To promote Kettlebells and Kettlebell Sport, the WKSF Direction Board can include new disciplines as promotional test and on General Meeting may be included as official disciplines.

FROM ALL & TO ALL - WKSF works to promote the inclusion of all persons into our sport, without discrimination the WKSF and our Commissions works to bring the opportunity to lift kettlebells on our competitions to all. WKSF has specific protocols for Muslims, Disables, Non National participants.


The WKSF International Judges  is the global list of judges controlled and nominated by WKSF to control and judge every competition and variants into WKSF domine. Members of list are qualified to officiate at international level and wear a WKSF Badge on is uniform. Know our WKSF International Judges on our list.

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